A distinctly higher class sort of place. Not where you wish to walk around covered in sewage and reaking of filth.

Notable Locations:

Civic Festhall

Just what it sounds like. Umbra Carnival sets up here.

Hall of Information
Touts gather out front to direct clueless to their destinations. The Hall contains information about how to interact with the city of Government. Focused on services to the people.

Hall of Records

Hall of Speakers

Homeward Bound
Specializes in sending clueless home.

Tensars Employment Service
Temp agency. “Reputable.” Odenmir meets with him to find good job. He’s a 70-year old Cipher with red hair.

Three pillars each with a debater on top, with scribes below to describe the debates ongoing on top of the pillars. One debate is held each day.

Whoolly Cup-Grasses Alchemical Store
He’s tried everything! He is also a Pariah, like Oozehoof. And a Sensate. Not interested in an apprentice and not impressed with Alorix, he sold us a still kit.

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