Plane and Simple

Session 4 - Casual 2

Summoned to see Mistress Almara Delecint herself. A murder in town implicates her circus and she wishes us to uncover the truth. Offers 600 gp if we clear the carnival. Kaira Felding is the lieutenant of this district for the Harmonium and has the details. Accusation is that the circus Sphinx committed the murder.

Knowledge Local: Victim was Arkavin Walder who owned a bank/pawn-shop. Rumors that he was killed by a Sphinx, and that a Sphinx was seen flying that night.

Head to the outpost to speak to Kaira. She is a serious looking blond woman. Walder was found dead in the street last night. His wife found him and called for the guard from his shop, the Locked Box. When they pulled the body into the shop the remaining guard was dead and two figures fled an apparent robbery. Wounds resemble Sphinx wounds as no other sphinx is in town. Robbery was successful.

We head to murder site. It was a back-alley with claw marks on the ground. Stain of blood. Was broad enough for a sphinx to land. Alorix identifies concealed tracks, and that the claw marks are from too light a creature.

At the shop we learn that he was coming home from the carnival. The wife thinks he was leering at the sphinx. Doesn’t know exactly what was missing, but the vault was breached. Check his office, his desk is locked. Check vault. It has been disturbed. Seems that there is a pit trap to hit thieves on the way out. And look, there is someone in there! Says he was there with three friends following orders. Roguey and Zachar and the other two… is a hairless humanoid chameleon-like. Group of people in Sigil contract through intermediaries and pay in Shiver, a drug. Kaimeth and Onomathai deliver orders and pay in Shiver.

We notice another one of these trying to sneak past us. They were told to take as much money and valuables as they could find. We check desk again and find official accounts. We hear noise outside, a vigilante mob is heading to the circus! We try and put them all to sleep after failing to talk them down. Hear a scream in the distance. Another murder. Lotsa blood in the tent, woman in clerics robes with claw marks. Witness we take with into tent said she just wanted to see the tent. We all go to Delecent, we run around… body died of wounds, but there is a rope burn around a neck. Also find broken glass vials near back entrance. Was from some magic potion.

Kaira shows up, the dead women, Esmerelda, was a cleric of the Indeps. We demand an audience with the Sphinx and have to wait for her to be “prepared.” We learn nothing useful, Alorix tosses a coin at the sphinx but a guard intercepts. And of course the sphinx is gone when we go back and there is a small girl. She is very winsome, we compliment her on her sphinx impression.

Head to victim’s Temple, a Temple of Erastil. On the way we break up a beating and rescue a tiefling (Mellandro) who wanted to visit a friends. His parents give us a magic scarf. Onward to the Temple next time!


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