Plane and Simple

Session 4 - Casual 1

[Odenmir and Alorix]

Alorix and Odenmir go to deliver the Humming Harmony incense, but Annali is gone on business?
Touts gather in front of the hall of information. We go for a clerk’s ward tour!
Hall of records = library, home of the Fated.
Hall of information = city info.
Trianum = three pillars, daily debates, and scribes to record it.
Homeward Bound = store that specializes in getting Primes back home.
Tinsar’s employment service = helps people find jobs.
Willie Cupgrass’ Alchemical supplies = specializes in all beverages. Willie is a Bariaur Sensate who is known to drink anything and everything. Bought an alchemist alchohol kit, potion of jump. Was told that some Sensates study alchemy and sensory enhansing / psionic potions. Willie has offered a finder’s fee for any new drink Alorix can bring him.
Odenmir went to Tinsar’s to find some work. He pointed Odenmir to the Twilight Circus who is looking for un-guilded folk to work
as undercover security guards. The circus lasts for three days.
Fixed circus games, bad fortune teller, common animals in the traveling zoo, fake “baby slaad”.
The baby slaad somehow escaped his cage! Alorix and Odenmir managed to wrestle him back into the cage without hurting him. Upon examining the lock, Alorix noticed that it appeared to have been picked. Sabotage! The beast handler gave the heroes 50g for saving the “slaad”. The fortune teller came out from her tent to point out that she was right, we had found wealth! Odenmir praised her foresight and suggested she set up her own shop in Sigil. Which she promptly did, leaving the Umbral Circus behind.
The sphynx told us all about her wondrous journeys in the planes.
When we returned the next day, we learned someone had been murdered! But who? BY who? Why? When? Find out next time!


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